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Security is becoming a key point of an It solution. The final goal is to protect systems and data, but with a constant increasing number of threat of all kind, the choice of one of more solutions is not easy, and depends of your existing IT structure.

We propose complete solutions including some of those products :

  • Microsoft ISA server, is the best product of it's kind we know. It is a super firewall which allow secure access to internet and extranet, secure remote access control,  individual web access authorization filtering, web and email server security, and much more......
  • McAfee offers great firewall, antivirus and email filtering solutions.
  • Symantec (Norton) propose backup and disaster recovery solution in addition to their antivirus and firewall offer.
  • BackupAssist, a really great backup solution for a low price.
  • Our entity, offers monitoring services, backup and disaster recovery hosted solutions.



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